Welcome to Recovery Cymru’s dedicated hub for giving back and supporting our vibrant recovery community! Here, you’ll discover myriad ways to contribute, gift, fundraise, and champion our mission of fostering a supportive environment for those on their journey to recovery.

Whether you’re seeking avenues to make a difference, exploring fundraising opportunities, or simply want to extend a helping hand, this page serves as your gateway to learning, engaging, and connecting with us. Feel free to explore, reach out with any inquiries, and join us in building a stronger, more empowered recovery community together.

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make us your charity of the year

Check out how your workplace can give back and create a fantastic way to have meaningful team building.

leave a pledge in your will

Explore how your legacy can make a huge difference to our recovery community.

download our fundraising pack

Want to support us, but need some inspiration? Our fundraising pack will be your guide and give you some great ideas!

Volunteer with us

Your time is valuable to us. We have an amazing volunteering course that can lead to some big adventures. Discover how you could be our next volunteer.

gift us to support our community

We understand that not everybody has free time to fundraise. You can gift to us directly monthly, or in a single amount. We appreciate all of your support. Go to our Localgiving page to send us a gift!

campaign for change

Part of what Recovery Cymru aims for is to make a difference by challenging stigma and bringing awareness to the power of peer support.


others ways to support us

Do these two simple fundraisers to make a big impact for our recovery community this year.

facebook birthday fundraising

By asking friends and family to donate to Recovery Cymru via your Facebook fundraiser, you will be making a huge difference to our recovery community with the touch of a few buttons!

use easyfundraising as you shop

Want to gift Recovery Cymru and the big brands pay for your donation? Make an Easyfundraising account and a percentage of your online spending is given to us, at no cost to you!