Our members share their lives, concerns, challenges, and fears with one another, to gain support and work together to find solutions. The impact of stigma, self-stigma, and fear of stigma act as barriers to people seeking support. It contributes to hidden shame and affects individuals and families alike. We want to be a part of changing this.




As a leading lived experience recovery community in Wales, our members want to share our message of hope and understanding to challenge the stigma surrounding alcohol/drug misuse and recovery and its often unintended consequences.

Together, through the power of lived experience, we will raise awareness and challenge stereotypes. We will show that change is possible, encourage people to seek support, and reduce the fear and shame individuals and their families experience.

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What are we going to do about it?

Share the stories behind the stereotypes

Highlight how and why problems develop, recognising trauma

Share the hope and tools of recovery

Create activities and events locally and increase our training

Create a pledge for organisations and employers

Work with individuals and their families to fight the stigma within

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To increase awareness, reducing the feelings of shame and judgment people in or seeking recovery feel, as well as their families

To empower people to seek support if they are experiencing problems

To create working environments in which people can recover and thrive

To inform and empower healthcare providers to more confidently support people with alcohol and drug problems

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Raise awareness

Raise awareness about the real lives, stories, challenges, and situations behind alcohol and drug misuse. Share the solutions, hope, and impact of change and recovery.


Enable people to understand the impact of their beliefs, words, and actions. Inspire people to think and act proactively and positively towards people in addiction and recovery. Empower individuals and their families to have self-compassion and hope.


Explore together opportunities to reduce stigma and create environments in which people can recover as:

  • Health and social workers
  • Employers
  • Family members

“There’s a fine line between Stigma and ignorance. Education is the answer.”

“People see the problem, not the person.”

“Self-stigma was when I saw ME as a problem. Not as a Person.”

“Education Via peer support changed my view of Me.”

“People do not choose addiction. There is a story behind everyone.”

“It is capable of happening to everyone and anyone. Never judge a book by its cover. People presume things but don’t know the bigger picture.”

“Peoples’ unconscious biases and judgements do not help and feed into what that person is probably already feeling.”


Grab our #SwipeOutStigma Social Media Toolkit here to participate: Social Media Toolkit




 We are holding #SwipeOutStigma Through Art Sessions with Helen (a fantastic artist and member of our community).

 These sessions are exclusive for members and volunteers, so if you want to take part, join us!