We deeply value the contributions of volunteers like you in our mission to support and uplift our recovery community. Our volunteer opportunities offer diverse roles tailored to match your interests, skills, and availability. From peer support and event organisation to administrative tasks and outreach initiatives, there’s a place for everyone eager to make a difference.

Volunteering Roles:

We offer diverse and fulfilling volunteer opportunities tailored to match your interests and skills, allowing you to actively engage and contribute to our vibrant recovery community through various roles:

  • Peer Support: Engage directly with individuals in their recovery journey, offering guidance, empathy, and companionship. This can range from group facilitation to buddying.
  • Event Organisation: Assist in planning, coordinating, and executing events that foster community connections and support networks.
  • Administrative Support: Help with various office tasks, database management, and other administrative duties crucial to our operations.
  • Outreach Initiatives: Get involved in outreach efforts, spreading awareness, and connecting with individuals seeking support in their recovery. You can also support our social media efforts.

Volunteer Training Programme

We offer a comprehensive training programme designed to equip volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to excel in their chosen roles. This program not only enhances your ability to support others but also provides valuable personal and professional development opportunities.

Volunteers for Recovery Cymru have been nominated for awards, such as the Helpforce Champion Award. Hear from Jo, our wonderful volunteer, and what volunteering for Recovery Cymru means in her recovery journey.


 Our buddy’s are people with lived experience who offer members friendly, non-judgmental support in a variety of ways, including meet and greet; welcome and introductory sessions; on the spot support to discuss an issue, engagement in RC and assisting with onwards referrals. A challenging role with intensive training and a lot of rewards. Excellent experience for those looking to support others or move onto paid employment.

choose your participation

At Recovery Cymru, we believe in empowering our volunteers. You have the autonomy to choose the areas you’re most passionate about and where you feel your skills can shine. Your preferences matter, and we encourage you to explore and engage in the roles that resonate with you.

Join us in making a meaningful impact and creating a supportive, thriving recovery community. Your dedication and enthusiasm will help us continue providing essential support to those on their journey to wellness. Become a part of our volunteer team today!