Introducing Our Collaborative Handbook: First Steps Good Practice Guide

Welcome to the First Steps Good Practice Guide, a collaborative effort between Recovery Cymru and Alcohol Change UK. This comprehensive guide offers valuable insights into peer support for individuals in “pre-recovery” from substance use.

The First Steps programme draws on peer supporters’ experience and expertise to help other people move from pre-recovery into recovery. Accommodating people in pre-recovery – and therefore still using alcohol or some other substance – within Recovery Cymru’s work has been a challenge.

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Recovery Cymru in Focus

Recovery Cymru is a vibrant and dynamic community that empowers individuals to overcome substance use challenges. We believe in the strength of connection, mutual support, and finding purpose through activities and friendships. This guide reflects our unwavering commitment to helping people redefine their lives and offers hope, inspiration, and practical solutions.


Alcohol Change UK Collaboration

Alcohol Change UK is a leading voice in advocating for change and offering hope that anyone can transform their relationship with alcohol. Their collaboration with Recovery Cymru on this guide highlights the strength of partnerships in supporting individuals affected by substance use.


Crafting the Guide

Our approach to creating this guide was collaborative and inclusive. We engaged with individuals with lived experience and experts to ensure it reflects the most effective strategies for peer support.


Why This Guide Matters for Your Organisation

For organisations committed to creating a positive impact, this guide offers invaluable insights. It champions compassionate conversations, breaks down barriers hindering progress, and instills empathy—a vital component in transforming lives within your community.


How Can Your Organisation Benefit?

  1. Enhanced Understanding: Gain profound insights into peer support’s transformative potential, allowing your organisation to develop a deeper understanding of effective strategies for community engagement and support.

  2. Practical Implementation: The guide offers actionable steps derived from real-life experiences, enabling your team to implement peer support practices efficiently and effectively within your organisation.

  3. Impact Measurement: Learn how to measure the impact of your organisation’s efforts using data-driven approaches, allowing you to track progress and continually improve your support initiatives.

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Ready to Elevate Your Impact?

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