About Us

who we are

Recovery Cymru is a charity operating across South Wales, offering support, help and guidance to people who are looking to begin or continue their journey to recovery.

How we support our members

Our peer support is available 365 days per year from our Cardiff Recovery Centre, and also from the CAVDAS Barry Peer Space. We are proud of our open access, which is led by people with lived experience and we meet our member’s needs with no judgement.

Our programmes are peer informed and peer-led, informed by psychological good practice. We offer weekly face to face support groups, daily call and text messaging support, and most recently, adapted some sessions to include Zoom. Please download our timetable for details of which include online abilities (labelled ‘online’ or ‘hybrid’).

10-years of support

We are the first recovery community organisation to partner with treatment services commissioned to run aftercare and recovery support in Cardiff and Vale and we co-wrote the recovery framework for wales (for the welsh government).

The recovery programme has been built upon learning’s from Sarah’s Winston Churchill Travel Fellowship to America is 2011.

We have a history of successfully managing grants and a commissioned service.

We are on the lookout for a new building for our Cardiff recovery centre to accommodate the expanding programmes on offer and build for the future

Our Recovery Vision

A recovery community where people recover from drug and alcohol problems. A community based on support, hope and opportunity which values individuals, the process of recovery and believes recovery is about improved quality of life.

Our Values

We believe in the reality of recovery and in the power of shared experience and support. Our approach is based on community, participation and independence. We believe that everyone has the potential to recover from substance use problems and our activities are based upon the following principles: hope, choice, empowerment, inclusion, understanding, support, enjoyment and acceptance.

Mission Statement

Recovery Cymru believes in developing and strengthening communities of people recovering from drug and alcohol problems. People are empowered to initiate and continue their recovery journey, to achieve fulfilment, to explore their skills and interests and to improve their quality of life. Through the power of shared experience and understanding, people can support themselves and others. Recovery Cymru is also part of a wider recovery movement in Wales and is a champion for the Recovery agenda in the UK.

Our Recovery Philosophy

We view the recovery process as a journey

  • We believe that everyone has the potential to recover
  • Together we promote the many different pathways to recovery. We appreciate that each person takes a unique journey. We are here to learn from one another, to support one another and build new relationships
  • We support the many different treatment methods and models that can assist individuals in their recovery journey, and we do not promote one method or philosophy over another
  • We believe that, where appropriate, medications (e.g. methadone, subutex, naltrexone, antabuse) can aid and assist people on their recovery journey
  • We believe that recovery is real and should be celebrated
  • We believe that recovery is about quality of life. It is about the person rather than the presence or absence of a substance
  • We believe that recovery is self-defined; it develops over time
  • We accept that what is right for today, may change tomorrow
  • We recognise that a common goal for many people is abstinence from their problem substance
  • We recognise that abstinence from all mind-altering substances is a common goal for many people in recovery
  • We accept that preventing and managing relapse is a reality of recovery for many people. However, we believe that relapse does not have to be inevitable

 You can see our Recovery Cymru Charter in full by clicking here