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Recovery Cymru is continuing to operate throughout Covid-19. Our programmes have been adapted virtually and our friendly team is available to offer daily support, 7 days per week. Click for more information. Our number is 07944 851050 where Kaye will be happy to help with any enquiries.


Discover all about how Recovery Cymru is challenging the stigma toward people battling substance use and in recovery. There are many ways you will be able to take part and support the campaign – so make sure to keep up to date through our social media too!

could you be our trustee treasurer?

We are looking for someone with accounting experience who wants to expand their career portfolio, create great networking opportunities for themselves and help us with best practices in accounting. Click the button for the full job specification.

do you know about the vac project?

The Voices Action Change project is a collaboration of Recovery Cymru and Kaleidoscope Project on behalf of the Area Planning Board, to ensure people who use substance misuse services and their families are involved at the heart of how services are designed, run and reviewed. Explore the project and how you can have your say.

We are excited to be a part of clero

We are delighted to be part of the Board of this exciting and challenging project to connect, support and encourage the development of Lived Experience Recovery Organisations around the UK as a Connector and Member. Find out more and become a CLERO member.

Recovery Cymru is a peer-led, mutual-aid, recovery community in Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan that empowers people to achieve and maintain recovery while supporting others to do the same.  All our activities are community-led. Together, we empower and support each other to enter and move forward in recovery; to develop skills and interests and to improve quality of life.

We value individuals, the process of change and believe recovery is about improved quality of life, not just the absence of a particular substance. We want to support our members to make tangible differences to their lives.

If you are looking for support, our friendly team are here to tell you more about what we offer and make it as easy for you to get involved in our confidential support as possible. We know making this first call can be hard but we will listen without judgement.

Contact Kaye, our administrator on 07944851050 or email her


How can we support you?

Here at Recovery Cymru we offer a number of different ways to support you through your recovery journey. You choose which works best for you.  contact us

Volunteer with us!

Recovery Cymru simply could not exist without the support and assistance of our passionate and dedicated volunteers. Why not volunteer with us? 

Training & Resources

Recovery Cymru can provide a range of specialised peer-led training and self-help resources for your organisation.

Recovery Cymru Stories

Hi, allow me to introduce myself. I am a 44-year-old married woman with 2 beautiful children, brought up in a ‘broken’ home, but very much loved nonetheless. For over 20 years I worked for a government department. A responsible, demanding job which I did very well. I was frequently tasked with training new recruits in addition to undertaking my own role.

I can’t pinpoint when everything went so badly wrong. My father, with whom I had a complicated relationship, died unexpectedly at the age of 63. 4 years later I separated from my husband & children, lost my job and in May 2019 ended up in hospital as a result of my drinking. Through my hospital stay I became engaged with Recovery Cymru following a visit from Meirion, one of Recovery Cymru’s volunteers. Following my discharge and physical rehabilitation I began to attend regular meetings with Andrew Sims who encouraged me to apply for the Footsteps to Recovery programme. I fully embraced this opportunity and despite having had previous experience of residential rehab (4 months) and previous engagement with e-das, continued to make positive and sustained progress in my recovery. Following successful completion of F2R I applied for, was accepted on and completed the MILE course with NewLink Wales (now Plattform).

A big thank you to all of our funders