Meet the Volunteers


I have been a member of Recovery Cymru since 2018. I have been volunteering since 2019. Previously, struggled with an alcohol dependency and used alcohol to get me through the day, but I have been in recovery now for 4.5 years!

I currently facilitate women’s groups via zoom on behalf of Recovery Cymru and help man reception at the Cardiff centre. I love welcoming people to the centre and am always thrilled to see new faces because I really value the connection with my peers. The past can’t be changed. However, I can choose the future I want to have.

For me, recovery is not just the absence of alcohol. Recovery is about building connections, learning new things, and having fun! I love what I do within RC. RC has become an extended family, and I feel proud to be part of the community.


After suffering from alcohol dependency in the past myself, I volunteer for Recovery Cymru. I wish I had access to RC when I was going through it. RC gives me the opportunity to give back to people who are struggling like I was, and it gives me a chance to make a difference. It has given me a new family.

How has Recovery Cymru made a difference in my recovery? Community, community, community! It’s given me a reason to stay in recovery. I don’t just stay in recovery for myself or my loved ones. I stay for every single person that uses RC or may use it in the future.

My top volunteering moment has been meeting the people I’d grown close to in person. The ability to connect over zoom has been fantastic, but being able to see and connect with people in the flesh has been a real blessing. I’m so proud to work alongside some amazing human beings.


Recovery Cymru has helped and supported me through what was the worst time in my life. After the death of my partner, my world fell apart and a stable Bipolar condition erupted into an increasingly destructive cycle. Desperate to control my mood swings, I used alcohol to self-medicate, ultimately making my downward spiral even worse.

Eighteen months down the line from my nadir, I have a new and exciting life, free from dependency. Volunteering with RC is one of the many things that now gives me pleasure, and I relish the chance to help and support others who are going through their own recovery journey.

I am currently a volunteer at RC groups, as well as being part of a pilot course for members who are reaching a later stage in their recovery. When I’m not hanging with the RC gang, I spend my time writing, performing stand-up, working out, playing tennis, and generally reflecting on how lucky everybody is to have me in their lives.



I became involved with Recovery Cymru last year as I wanted to help others going through hard times. I feel so welcomed at Recovery Cymru after completing the RC volunteer training course with Jude (Volunteer Coordinator). As a mother of three daughters, I am proud to say that, through my recovery, they are back in my care and I look forward to getting to meet everyone and continuing volunteering! 


Substance misuse is especially relevant to me because a close family member struggled for many years with an addiction. I’m keenly aware of the impact this has on both the person and on family and friends. I discovered Recovery Cymru in 2018 when my band were asked to play at their fund raising event. I believe that there is potential for someone to turn their life around and I’d be glad if I can play some small part in this.  


I joined Recovery Cymru early in 2022. My volunteering, as well as my day-to-day interactions within the member community, are vital components not only in my Recovery Plan, but also play a significant role in my Relapse Prevention following nine years of alcohol dependency.

My volunteer training was very comprehensive and showed me how much RC cares for all those involved. I have also learned new skills and will continue to do so. I have met some amazing individuals. This has helped increase my sense of self-worth and esteem after many years of the self-stigma that accompanied my dependency on alcohol. I now have purpose and meaning in my life. There is a great sense of fun, much needed after years of misery. Dark into light.

As it should be in the recovery community, everyone I have met is positive, non-judgemental, shows empathy and understanding, and, of course, believes recovery is possible for all.


The welcome and acceptance I received was amazing, despite my ‘odd’ sense of humour and my proclivity for wearing loud shirts!


I joined Recovery Cymru in the summer of 2018. I had an alcohol dependency, depression/heath issues, loss of confidence and belief.

RC has given me the help and support I needed to aid my recovery. Learning through the Footsteps to Recovery programme and RC coursework has given me the encouragement to do the volunteer course and give back something myself. Currently, I write for the Footsteps Forum monthly newsletter and attend occasional Zoom meetings. I also join in some of the outdoor activities like walks.

I feel, no matter how much or little you volunteer, it is well appreciated by RC, with such a welcome and friendly staff base, and I am proud to be part of this.





I’m in Recovery myself. I was lucky enough to find the help and support I needed to get through one of the most difficult but ultimately rewarding times of my life.

I realised I had learnt a lot through this process and whilst some of it may just be relevant to just me, some of it may help someone else.

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What drew me initially to Recovery Cymru was the whole idea of community, recovery can be a lonely journey at times and community and a sense of belonging is so important.

The best thing about RC is the philosophy that recovery is not only possible, but probable and should be fun!

My sobriety means that I experience so much more, and I am so excited to be able to help others do the same!


Hiya, my name is Matt and I have been volunteering with Recovery Cymru for almost a year. I’m a very outdoors kind of person, I enjoy walking, biking and being active. I really enjoy volunteering; I’ve enjoyed meeting new people and being able to help them in their own recovery journey by sharing my experiences. As part of my volunteering role I have been lucky enough to accompany members of the Footsteps cohort on many activities to places like the Principality Stadium, St Fagans and The Knap, a beautiful pebbly beach in Barry.


Before Covid-19 I began co-facilitating PMOIMR in the Cardiff centre as well as a support group at CAU Barry. This was a challenge for me as I am quite a quiet person but I’m so happy that I gave it a go – I loved it! Volunteering has really helped to improve my self-confidence; I have structure in my life, new friends and an increased sense of purpose.