What is Voices Action Change (VAC) about?

Voices Action Change will develop and embed service user involvement and co-production to be at the heart of Cardiff and Vale substance misuse system design, implementation and review. We work with individuals, peers, services and the Area Planning Board. A one-year partnership between Recovery Cymru and Kaleidoscope Project, supported by Pobl, we are passionate about ensuring access and a range of opportunities for people to use their experiences to drive service planning and change, including training and development opportunities. We want this project to be positive, optimistic and to drive real change.

What’s next?

A fast-paced project from May 2021 – March 2022, the project will have a number of stages, created with people with lived experience and aiming for genuine co-production throughout. We want this project to be positive, optimistic and to drive real change.

  • Recruit staff and volunteers with lived experience to drive the project forward
  • Develop the model with people with lived experience, creating varied and genuine opportunities for people to engage
  • Publicise and raise awareness
  • Create a steering group
  • Engage service users
  • Engage ‘early adopter’ services
  • ‘Map’ opportunities for service user engagement across Cardiff and Vale Area Planning Board
  • Work with services to audit and develop service user involvement within services
  • A rolling programme of activities for people using services, who might use services, carers, young people and others whose voice is rarely heard
  • A rolling programme of training, development and support for people with lived experience
  • Share and celebrate
  • Recommendations for the future

How to get involved

Have you / are you using substance misuse services in Cardiff and the Vale?

Are you a carer of someone who does?

Are you a substance misuse service provider in Cardiff and the Vale?

Watch this space or look out for our messages for more details about how to get involved.

questions soon to be answered…

  • What does service user involvement mean to Voices Action Change (V-A-C)?
  • What does co-production mean to Voices Action Change (V-A-C)?
  • What activities can I get involved in?
  • What volunteer roles can I get involved in?
  • What training and support is available?
  • What do services need to do?
  • Do I need to be ‘stable’ to contribute?
  • Do I need to be currently using services to contribute?
  • What is the steering group and who sits on it?
  • What is the project group and who sits on it?

You can find out more about Voices Action Change (V-A-C) partners here:

a welsh government grant agreement with cardiff council

On behalf of Cardiff & Vale APB