Meet the Trustees

If you’re interested in joining our board, please contact Sarah Vaile on

Gail Smith

Aside from a short break for personal reasons Gail has been involved with Recovery Cymru since its inception. Gail has a long work history in the third sector and brings HR, operational and strategic experience to the Board.  Gail Smith worked with the Huggard as a substance misuse development worker and has many years’ experience working with vulnerable adults from all walks of life.  She now works for the Salvation Army.  “I’m really excited to be on the RC Board of Trustees, RC’s work is so close to my heart and the community model is something I’m very passionate about”

Rob Heirene, PhD

Rob Heirene, PhD

I joined Recovery Cymru as a trustee in early 2021, nine years after finishing as a volunteer with them from 2010 to 2012. As a volunteer with the community, I saw the amazing work they do in supporting those in recovery and the invaluable role they play in society. This experience motivated me to pursue a PhD in the area of substance use and I now work as a researcher in the addictions field at the University of Sydney, Australia. I hope to use my knowledge of addiction and recovery to support the community as a trustee.

Amanda-Jane Oliver

Originally from Leicestershire Amanda-Jane has lived in Cardiff for 20 years. She works for supported housing in Neath/Port Talbot helping homeless young people to live independently. Having completed a PhD in Organisational Governance and Gender Equality issues, Amanda-Jane was keen to use her skills and expertise to support our community as a Trustee.

Jenny Harking

Jenny Harking is our Chair of Trustees. “I joined Recovery Cymru as a volunteer back in 2011 when we were based in the old centre on Llandaff Road. I had not been in recovery myself but my experiences of substance misuse had been seeing close friends change into someone I no longer recognised.  With my work in DWP I wanted to understand what people could do to work their way out of where they were. My role as a trustee keeps me involved and I see it as our responsibility to keep RC going along the right track, to see it meets its regulations and financial requirements as well as looking after its staff, volunteers and members.

Dominic Houlihan

I joined as a trustee in October last year. I’m really interested in helping people be the best they can and that’s why during the day I work in Human Resources for a government agency.  Outside of work, I cook (anything!) and enjoy music. I play a range of musical instruments all really badly. Perhaps I should be more interested in exercise (at least that’s what my husband tells me) financial requirements as well as looking after its staff, volunteers and members.  Dominic is currently our Secretary for the Board.

Andy Healey

“It’s great to be a member of the Recovery Cymru Community, experience its positivity, warmth and generosity and see the effect this has on the lives of members. I’ve spent the last 15 years working as a fundraiser in the arts sector as I believe the arts has a lot to contribute to society and those with the talent and vision to be artists should have opportunities to fulfil their potential. I’m hoping to use the skills I’ve developed during my career to help Recovery Cymru grow and engage with more people across Cardiff and South Wales. In my spare time, I’m constantly developing new interests before forgetting them as I’ve got excited about something else, but those that have stuck including travelling, reading, aikido and my allotment.”