Training, Consultancy & Resources

Recovery Cymru offers a range of training and consultancy packages to support your organisation. Our packages are based upon over seven years of experience in developing and delivering:

  • a grass roots recovery community organisation
  • peer -led recovery programmes
  • training packages for staff and service users across Wales, primarily in partnership with NewLink Wales, a leading training provider in Wales
  • co-writing the Recovery Framework for Wales which describes the best practice approach to running recovery oriented services and systems in Wales
  • co-writing a peer audit tool for peer involvement in service evaluation
  • service user consultations



Select from a range of training programmes. These can be delivered ‘in house’ in your area or spaces can be spot purchased periodically.

Our main training programmes are:

  • Embracing recovery
  • Recovery Framework for Wales training in partnership with New Link Wales
  • Training in service user involvement including a specific peer audit tool to be used in service evaluation in partnership with New Link Wales


Recovery resources

We offer a range of recovery resources and accompanying training or guidance documents to offer you genuinely member-led programmes within your organisation or group. These have been developed with the recovery community, written by experienced programme writers and piloted within the recovery community environment. Changes have been made and resources updated based on peer feedback from individuals and other organisations.

These include:

  • Running peer led recovery groups –the principles of running peer led groups and guidance to run support groups, weekend preparation, and weekend reflection.  
  • Educational self-help A5 workbook which covers a number of topics including: goal setting, recovery capital, irrational thinking, managing relapses and a copy of a relaxation CD designed for individuals’ to practice with at home
  • Relapse prevention 9 week course dealing with relapse cycle and all aspects of relapse and relapse prevention
  • Recovery coaching – working with individuals on a 1:1 basis for up to 6 sessions following a structured format 
  • Sleep and recovery course – 3 week course examining myths around sleep, how to improve your sleep routine and sleep plan/diary.

Member Quotes

“Recovery Cymru helped me tremendously when I was struggling last year. If it wasn’t for this place I don’t know where I would be – I’d probably have been dead or in prison.”

“Becoming part of the Recovery Cymru Community has enabled me to feel as if I belong, like a happy fragment of society once more. I have made new friends, am able to structure my day by getting out instead of hiding myself away and enjoying participating in different activitieswhich help with my feelings of self-worth”



Do you have a project or programme that needs developing to meet your specific needs? We can design a package based upon your specification

  • Peer led programmes
  • Peer resources
  • Service user consultations
  • Provider consultations and evaluations

For further information please contact Susie Boxall at Recovery Cymru