Recovery Cymru is looking for a Community and aftercare worker for our footsteps to recovery partnership

Recovery Cymru is also looking for trustees to join our board!

 We are very fortunate in Recovery Cymru for our wonderful trustees. 

Our trustees play an important role, volunteering their time and working together to help inform the charity’s work. 

Our board emulates our organisational culture, ensuring our flat hierarchy and peer approach runs throughout decision making and governance. The board is upbeat, reflective and is open to trying new things when they are informed by our members and strategic thinking. They are not afraid to ‘take a leap’ when it makes sense or to challenge when necessary – this is what RC is built upon! The board is made up of 6 people with a range of skills and passion who unite on passionately supporting Recovery Cymru to help our members change their lives.

Below, you will learn a little more about our current trustees and see some opportunities on how you could get involved and make a difference. 

Are you interested in joining our board??


We are Recruiting

Our current trustees


I was interested in being a trustee because I am passionate about the work the third sector does and I am interested in the personal and career development that comes from being a trustee.  I have a lot of personal family experience of the effects of substance misuse. I am interested in working with Recovery Cymru specifically because I am keen to support the charity and give something back.

Dominic Houlihan

I’m really interested in helping people be the best they can and that’s why during the day I work in Human Resources for a government agency.  

Outside of work, I cook (anything!) and enjoy music. I play a range of musical instruments all really badly. Perhaps I should be more interested in exercise (at least that’s what my husband tells me)

 Dominic is currently our Secretary for the Board.

Jenny Harking

Jenny Harking is our Chair of Trustees.

“I joined Recovery Cymru as a volunteer back in 2011 when we were based in the old centre on Llandaff Road.

I had not been in recovery myself but my experiences of substance misuse had been seeing close friends change into someone I no longer recognised. 

With my work in DWP I wanted to understand what people could do to work their way out of where they were. My role as a trustee keeps me involved and I see it as our responsibility to keep RC going along the right track, to see it meets its regulations and financial requirements as well as looking after its staff, volunteers and members.”

Gail Smith

Aside from a couple of breaks for personal reasons Gail has been involved with and a big supporter of Recovery Cymru since its inception. Gail has a long work history in the third sector and brings HR, operational and strategic experience to the Board.  Gail Smith worked with the Huggard as a substance misuse development worker for many years’ and has experience working with vulnerable adults from all walks of life. Gail has shown tremendous strength more recently, dealing with a sudden illness and we hope to welcome her back to our virtual meetings soon.


“It’s great to be a member of the Recovery Cymru Community, experience its positivity, warmth and generosity and see the effect this has on the lives of members.

I’ve spent the last 15 years working as a fundraiser in the arts sector as I believe the arts has a lot to contribute to society and those with the talent and vision to be artists should have opportunities to fulfil their potential.

I’m hoping to use the skills I’ve developed during my career to help Recovery Cymru grow and engage with more people across Cardiff and South Wales.

In my spare time, I’m constantly developing new interests before forgetting them as I’ve got excited about something else, but those that have stuck including travelling, reading, aikido and my allotment.”

Dr Amanda Oliver

Amanda is currently the Project Manager for a new youth housing service, a partnership between United Welsh and Llamau, funded by Welsh Government. Amanda has overseen the implementation of several new services for young homeless people in Wales, including the set up and management of the Llamau Youth Homeless Helpline and innovative Housing First for Youth demonstration services in Wales.

 Amanda holds a Ph.D. from Cardiff University in Housing Studies, specialising in gender issues in governance, and has brought this expertise to her Trustee role with Recovery Cymru. She has a decade of experience in senior management roles in the housing and homelessness sector in Wales, bringing this knowledge to supporting the leadership team in Recovery Cymru.

 Amanda was appointed as a Magistrate in 2016, and currently sits on the Cardiff Bench. Through this role she uses her professional experience and knowledge of youth homelessness, mental health and substance use issues for a trauma informed approach to the justice process.

 Away from work, Amanda enjoys travelling to far flung destinations across the world, reading crime fiction and she is a supporter of (premier league winning) Leicester City Football Club. Amanda describes herself as a reluctant runner.