Watch this space for activity across 2020 celebrating 10 years of Recovery Cymru. We will be starting with a new logo just for this year.

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Sarah Vaile our Director and her Blog on Winston Churchill Memorial Trust Web

Ten years ago this year, inspired by Sarah’s Churchill Fellowship, Sarah set up Recovery Cymru, here in Wales which offers a different solution to often tenuously or under-funded; at the time were sometimes overly medicalised; lacking in ongoing ‘aftercare’ when people left services, where addiction still carries a widespread stigma.

In Sarah’s words “I am convinced that the UK should be investing in long term peer-led community support to enable people to sustain their recovery long after any contact with treatment systems has ended.”

When it comes to supporting people with drug and alcohol problems, ongoing peer support and organised recovery communities like Recovery Cymru are few and far between. ‘Aftercare’ following treatment has often been an afterthought or misunderstood. However, the ‘recovery movement’ has grown in the UK in recent years and can now demonstrate the impact of peer-led, community-based support in helping people to achieve and sustain recovery. It helps people to leave treatment services. In this context, it is important to recognise that recovery is not simply about the presence or absence of a substance, it is also about having an improved quality of life. Crucially, it can be about overcoming barriers, past traumas or mental health problems.

Sarah’s blog goes on to talk about her own journey across six states of the USA and the ‘recovery movement’ and who inspired her.  If you would like to read more, please click anywhere on this page.