Fundraising is not only vital to Recovery Cymru’s operations; it’s also a great way of involving our members and volunteers in our community. 

The little2LOTS fundraising campaign is to raise awareness that every little you may give over time, adds up to a LOT of support for those who need it with Recovery Cymru.

Your ‘littles’ can be:

  • Donating through your favourite online stores when you shop
  • Giving time to volunteering for our fundraising events
  • Fundraising yourself with a walk, run or more.

Your ‘littles’ mean a LOT to our community, and no ‘little’ is too little!

Grab our Recovery Cymru Fundraising Pack to find:

  • Fantastic ideas to Fundraise for businesses, students and/or for you and your friends
  • How to donate as you shop
  • What Recovery Cymru can do to support your fundraising activities

Download here: Recovery Cymru Fundraising Pack

Join us on Facebook and follow our fundraising page RC Community Challenges.

Make sure to let us know if you’re fundraising for us and use the hashtag #Little2Lots so we can share your progress.

Want to show support for Recovery Cymru? Here’s some Logos you can use: 

I am supporting Recovery Cymru

We are supporting Recovery Cymru 

Still need some help on what direction you want to take your fundraising?

Are you a business and want to connect on making Recovery Cymru your Nominated Charity, or Charity of the Year?

Please contact Rachel Bayer on or ring/text 07908 305971

Struggling with fundraising, but would like to donate? You can do a one off donation, or set up monthly donations at: Localgiving Recovery Cymru